Modern Prose
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Leontes King of Sicily
Mamillius boy Prince of Sicily
Camillo, Antigonus,Cleomenes, Dion Sicilian lords
Hermione Queen to Leontes
Perdita abandoned daughter of Leontes and Hermione
Paulina wife of Antigonus
Emilia a lady of the Sicilian court
Polixenes King of Bohemia
Florizel Prince of Bohemia
Old Shepherd assumed father of Perdita
Clown his son
Autolycus a rascal
Archidamus a Bohemian lord
Mopsa, Dorcas shepherdesses
Lords, Gentlemen and Servants
Shepherds and Shepherdesses
A Mariner, a Gaoler
Ladies attending the Queen
Satyrs dancers
Time chorus