In the country near Birnam Wood, the Scottish lords met with the forces led by Malcolm and Siward. Malcolm greeted them from his horse.

“Kinsmen, I hope the days are near at hand when our guest rooms will be safe!”

“We don’t doubt it,” said Menteith.

“What is the name of this forest?” asked Siward.

“Birnam Wood,” said Menteith.

“Tell every soldier to hew down a bough for himself and carry it in front of him. That will disguise our numbers and make the spies bungle their reports,” said Malcolm.

“It shall be done,” said the soldier.

“We’ve learned nothing to contradict the idea that the tyrant will stay in Dunsinane. He wants us to lay siege”, said Siward.

“It’s his only hope!” Malcolm said. “Those who have had the chance to desert have done so. Only mercenaries serve him. And their hearts aren’t in it.”

“Let’s curtail our opinions and concentrate on the battle,” said Macduff.

Siward agreed: “Soon we will know if we have what we say we will have. Speculation gets us nowhere. To war!”