Some days passed before Paulina, the headstrong and outspoken wife of Antigonus, could visit Hermione in prison. She had difficulty getting permission because the King's fury and the terror and paranoia that had settled over the court. When she and her attendants finally arrived at the stale-smelling dungeon, Paulina found it quiet but oppressive. A guard stopped her, but on recognising her was deferential.

"The keeper of the prison, call to him. Let him know who I am."

As Paulina waited for the gaoler she pondered Hermione's situation: "Good lady, no court in Europe is too good for you- what are you doing in this prison?"

The guard returned with jailer.

"Now, good sir, you know me, do you not?"

"A worthy lady and one whom I greatly respect."

"Please then take me to Queen Hermione."

"I can’t, madam. I have express orders to the contrary."

"What a carry on! To lock up the honest and honourable from the access of gentle visitors! Isn't it lawful, I ask, to see the Queen’s ladies? Any of them? Emilia?"

"So please you, madam, please dismiss your attendants. I shall bring Emilia out."

"Please, call her. Withdraw yourselves," Paulina said to her ladies.

Paulina’s ladies climbed the stairway to the prison entrance with some reluctance.

"And, madam, I must be present as you speak," the jailer said.

"Well, so be it."

Once the jailer had Paulina's agreement on that matter he left to fetch Emilia.

“Such a fuss,” Paulina thought, “looking for crimes where there are none.”

 After a short time the jailer returned with Emilia, who looked tired, drawn and thin.

 "Dear gentlewoman, how fares our gracious lady?" Paulina asked.

"As well as one so great and so forlorn may hold together. With her shock and grief, which no tender lady ever coped better, she delivered prematurely."

"A boy?"

"A daughter, a healthy babe. Lusty and likely to live. The Queen receives much comfort from the child and says, My poor prisoner, I am as innocent as you."

"I swear these dangerous and lunatic fits in the King, curses to them! He must be told of the birth, and he shall. This is a duty most becoming to a woman. I'll do it. If I prove honey-mouthed let my tongue blister, but let me curtail my fury. Please, Emilia, convey my loyalty to the Queen. If she dares trust me with her little babe, I'll show it to the King and undertake to be her advocate to the loudest. We do not know if he may soften at the sight of the child. The silence of pure innocence often persuades when speaking fails."

"Most worthy madam, your honour and your goodness is so evident that your voluntary assistance cannot fail a thriving infant. There is no lady living so suitable for this great errand. Please, Your Ladyship, wait and I'll immediately tell the Queen of your noble offer. Why only today she herself considered something along these lines. She didn't try asking a minister lest she should be denied."

"Tell her, Emilia. I'll use the tongue I have. If wit flows from my tongue as easily as boldness from my bosom, let it not be doubted I shall do good."

"Now be you blessed for it! I'll go to the Queen. Please gaoler, I wish to speak to you."

"Madam, if it pleases the Queen to send the babe, I know not what punishments I shall incur for allowing it to pass. I have no warrant."

"You need not fear, sir,” Paulina said. “This child was prisoner to the womb and is by law and the process of nature now free, neither a party to the anger of the King nor guilty of, if any exist, the trespass of the Queen."

"I do believe it."

"Don’t fear- upon my honour, I will stand between you and the King's wrath.”

The gaoler went with Emilia to take the infant from the Queen and returned with the lovingly-wrapped child to be given to Paulina.